About Us

Leeds Skeptics in the Pub is a group that meets monthly to discuss issues of science, reason and rational thinking. We usually begin with a short talk by a notable speaker and then a general discussion follows over a pint (or two, or many!).

The date, times and venues of our events may vary, so please check the individual event updates for full information. Generally our evening events start at 7pm and our Saturday afternoon events start at 2pm. Most events are held at the Victoria Hotel on Great George Street.

Events are free to attend though we do ask for a donation to help cover the costs of speakers and any other costs associated with running the group.

Leeds Skeptics is a non-profit organisation. We are part of a registered charity, registration number 1137220.

Contact details can be found here.

You can find many of the skeptics talks we have held in the Worfolk Lectures archive.