Brainwashed! A Cult Survivor's Tale

Brainwashed! A Cult Survivor's Tale

Arthur Chappell, now aged 49, describes how he was seduced into an Eastern meditation cult in the early 1980's, despite being an ex-Catholic atheist. The talk takes you step by step through the process of conversion, so that you can see step by step how the cult world wraps itself around you, cutting off exits, making rational thinking and doubt difficult and later near impossible.

Arthur will demonstrate the four secret meditation techniques - a sworn secret within the cult, only revealed to him after six months of involvement.

Arthur describes the day to day world of cult living, its effect on family and friends outside the cult, and how he came to make pilgrimages across Europe to kiss a living god's feet.

Arthur concludes with his gradual sense of delusion with the topsy-turvy World he had fallen into, and how he broke free to rediscover reason, and scepticism.

This will be followed by questions from the floor.

If anyone wishes to look up the cult itself you will find that they have several names - During Arthur's time there it was called The Divine Light Mission. This was later changed to Elan Vital and the sect now calls itself the Prem Rawat Foundation. Its leader was known as Guru Maharaj Ji, then just as Maharaji (spelling difference is deliberate), and now answers to Prem Rawat.


Saturday, 17 September 2011 14:00


Mr Foleys