Can Dawkins and Darwin replace the Holy Bible?

Can Dawkins and Darwin replace the Holy Bible?

Dr Gijsbert Stoet presents a talk entitled "Can Dawkins and Darwin replace the Holy Bible? On the search for guidance and fulfillment in the life of non-believers."

The Christian Bible and the Muslim Quran are used as "handbooks for life" by millions of people around the world. These books are used to find guidance in how to lead a "good" life, how to resolve conflicts, or how to become happy and fulfilled. Skeptics, rationalists, and atheists typically reject the authority of these books; they belief that these books were simply written by people, and that most of the guidelines of these books are outdated.

Nevertheless, all human beings have a desire "to know" how to become a fulfilled and happy human being. The lack of belief in supernatural beings does not diminish such desires. But which books can skeptics, rationalists, or atheists turn to to find guidance? Do Dawkins or Darwin offer the same sort of insights that believers get from their holy books? Does science actually say anything about daily life issues and fulfillment? What guidelines for life would follow from a rational analysis of life?


Saturday, 16 May 2009 14:00


Carpe Diem