Graphic Journalism: Art, Cartooning, and Science

Graphic Journalism: Art, Cartooning, and Science

Darryl Cunningham explains how he’s used cartooning to help bust the stigma surrounding mental illness, take on chiropractors, homeopaths, and climate change deniers, and describe how the 2008 financial crisis came about.

Darryl Cunningham worked as a health care assistant on an acute psychiatric ward - an experience which inspired his book Psychiatric Tales.

His book, Science Tales published by Myriad Editions, was shortlisted for Best Book, British Comics Awards 2012. Science Tales takes on controversies surrounding climate change, electro-convulsive therapy, the moon landing, the MMR vaccine, homeopathy, chiropractic, evolution, fracking and science denialism.

His latest book, Supercrash: How To Hijack The World Economy, takes us to the heart of free-world politics and the financial crisis of 2008, as he traces the roots of bankrupt countries to the domination of right-wing policies and the people who created them.

He is one of 30 world-renowned artists invited to contribute their own unique piece to The Art of Saving a Life, an online resource launched on 7 January 2015 to encourage vaccination, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015 19:00


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