Drawing the Line - Cartoon Conflicts

Drawing the Line - Cartoon Conflicts

An illustrated exploration of controversial cartoons, and their link to human rights, free speech and censorship, by long time Manchester pen scratcher ‘Polyp’.

From Roman times through to the Charlie Hebdo revenge attack, cartoonists have always been the focus of outrage and anger. What is it about this often trivialized art form that evokes such powerful reactions?

We’ll be including a look at the story of the medium’s conflict with religion and socially accepted moral consensus, and in the discussion afterwards we’ll pull at the complex knot of what it means to be offensive. Is there a simple way to untie it?

Polyp is a full time professional cartoonist and active member of the skeptics movement. His latest project is 'thINK'- a kickstarter funded collection of cartoons ridiculing superstition, irrationality and psuedoscience.




Wednesday, 20 January 2016 19:00


Victoria Hotel