Useful Links

Here is contained some useful websites you may want to check out.

Leeds Groups

Humanist Society of West Yorkshire
Local Humanist group which meet at the Swarthmore Centre in Leeds once a month.

Leeds Humanists
More social oriented humanist group based in Leeds, that meets once a month.

Leeds Atheist Society
Very active group based at the University of Leeds but open to both students and non-students. They generally hold 3-4 events every week as well as big events throughout the year.

Leeds Salon
Group which organises debates in and around Leeds.

Leeds Twitter Hour

Skeptics Groups

Online Resources

Worfolk Lectures
Online archive of skeptics talks, including many given at our group.

Secular Portal
Online community for secularists and home of the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies.

Leeds Restaurant Guide
Reviews of restaurants in Leeds by the founder of Leeds Skeptics.